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Creatures Must Return to the Net - Posted Friday, 21st September 2007 by Don

On Sunday the fourth ever Creatures Community Spirit Festival will commence and, in preparation, we are going start a new Creatures advertising campaign!

We all love the Creatures series and we would all like to help increase interest in it sufficiently that a publisher would be willing to fund a Creatures 3D title; therefore over the next couple of weeks will be coming up with various places over the net where you can join other fans in setting up Creatures landmarks for others to notice. So lets see how many new people we can attract to the Community this Festival!

The first of these community groups that you can sign up to is of course our good old DSAftermath Yahoo! group (that Sparky set up during the transition period running up to Creature Labs becoming a division of Gameware Development). This group, along with our dear alt.games.creatures newsgroup, has been going pretty quiet, so lets get back in there and start posting our Creatures news and discussions!

Link: DockingStation-Aftermath on Yahoo Groups

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