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The Mini-Back-Gate opens! - Posted Thursday, 27th September 2007 by Minisauron

Minisauron has returned, his fortress MiniLugb˙rz is rebuild, and his GoMs (Grendels of Minimordor) are multiplying like flies...

The "Arimeides Starter Kit CCSF 2007 Edition" contains the latest strain of GoMs, the Arimeides. Also included is a bit of the flora and fauna of the Grendel Terrarium, a very special "toy" for the Arimeides, and some stuff that might be helpful for Wolfing/Feral-Runs...

Arimeides are sexually dimorphic and have a special relationship to a certain substance called "Melhite".

"Melhite expands life, Melhite alters the mind, Melhite is vital for warp travel..."

Mere talk from the hand can decide their fate (or doom).

People, who have read the "Dune" Novels will find some subtle and some not-quite-that-subtle (like the "Melhite" ) hints and motifs from the "Dune" universe.

Some of the goodies in this kit need images and sounds from Creatures 3, so it has to be installed on the same thinking-machine, uh ...I mean computer.

You will need at the least the Banshee Pack for having Grendels in general.

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