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PRAY Source to Agent Files - Posted Thursday, 31st August 2006 by Don

Converting your .txt or .ps PRAY source files into complete .agent files that can be shared online.

A PRAY source file is a plain-text file, with a .txt or .ps extension, that is used to combine all the different files that make up a new C3DS addon into a single file. It can be edited using a plain-text editor (such as Windows Notepad) and then compiled into a PRAY format (such as a .agent file) using Pray Builder.

An example PRAY source file for a .agent egg file containing new genetics and new Muco head images might be firenorns.txt:


group EGGS "Fire Norn"
"Agent Type" 0
"Script Count" 0

"Genetics File" "norn.fire*"
"Egg Glyph File" "firemale.c16"
"Egg Glyph File 2" "firefemale.c16"
"Egg Gallery male" "firemale"
"Egg Gallery female" "firefemale"
"Egg Animation String" "0"

"Dependency Count" 4
"Dependency 1" "firefemale.c16"
"Dependency Category 1" 2
"Dependency 2" "firemale.c16"
"Dependency Category 2" 2
"Dependency 3" "norn.fire.gen"
"Dependency Category 3" 3
"Dependency 4" "norn.fire.gno"
"Dependency Category 4" 3

inline FILE "firefemale.c16" "firefemale.c16"
inline FILE "firemale.c16" "firemale.c16"
inline FILE "norn.fire.gen" "norn.fire.gen"
inline FILE "norn.fire.gno" "norn.fire.gno"

To convert this PRAY source file into an agent file you will need to download Pray Builder from the CDN for Windows or Linux/x86 and the follow these instructions:

  1. Place PRAYBuilder.exe in the same folder as the .txt (or .ps) PRAY source file and all the extra files (e.g. the .att, .c16, .gen, .gno, .cos, .catalogue, .wav and .blk files) listed in the PRAY source file.

  2. Open a "Command Prompt", Windows users will find this in the Start Menu.

  3. Move to the folder where the files are located using the cd change directory command, for example on Windows:
    cd C:\Program Files\Docking Station\New Folder\

  4. Run Pray Builder using the command: PRAYBuilder filename.txt

  5. The program will then use the PRAY source instructions to compile all the required files into a single .agent file that can be placed in 'My Agents'.

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