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Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2007

Hello and welcome to the forth annual Creatures Community Spirit Festival. The festival is a month long celebration of the artifical life series 'Creatures' and
the online community that grew up around it. We are hoping to have plenty of
new addons, adoptions and events this year so do keep checking back - Don.

Status: The Festival officially commenced on Sunday September 23rd 2007 and,
to ensure we get a good turnout, will run until Saturday October 20th!

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The Latest News Headlines

That's All from Us, Until Next Year! - Posted Saturday, 20th October 2007 by Don

Well, we have now reached the end of our month long Festival and I must heartily thank those of you who have contributed! We have some some exciting new addons, a few adoptions and, of course, the continued support of our fabulous translators!

The CCSF 2007 offers special thanks to angelneko, Minisauron, ToaNuva, Puresowns, GrendelMan, Poopster, ATN, frogzombie36, RatChild, SissySAU, and everyone else who gave their time for this event!

See you again next year!

Fan-Fic: The Ettin Underground - Chapters 2 & 3 - Posted Monday, 8th October 2007 by Poopster

Sorry for the long wait, submitting this had completely slipped my mind!

So here it is, the second chapter of TEN. Enjoy

Read Chapter 2 here

And since you had to wait so long, here's chapter 3 also;
Read Chapter 3 here

C1 Grendel Breeds released! - Posted Friday, 5th October 2007 by Grendel_Man

I'm happy to say I've finally gotten my C1 grendel breeds-the Erzan, Aqua, Crabeater, and Light Grendels-uploaded and they now can be downloaded in the Addons section of the site.

Over the course of the next few days, my C2 and C3 breeds should be released, so keep an eyeball out.

Enjoy the C1 breeds, and have yourself a happy CCSF!

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