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Tutorials and Articles Ahoy! - Posted Monday, 21st August 2006 by Liam

I, Liam, am incredibly slack. So slack, in fact, that I am only now starting to put up this series of tutorials which were supposed to start the other day! I can only attribute the lateness to early morning hours spent going over and over each section, carefully editing and adding!

I really hope this helps all those newbie developers out there interested in doing a metaroom, and hopefully even help some of the older developers!

So parts intro, 1 and 2 are up- go have a look on the Articles page!

Also up today is a highly revised version of my 'Organising a Development Team', with thanks from malkin for editing for me!

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Trix's Gone Gaga from her Gadgets! - Posted Monday, 21st August 2006 by Liam

Well, she must have - she's released yet *another* breed!

You can now download the Sprite Norns from Trix's Universe of Ettins! There are 7 varieties of Sprite Norns, all of them with their own peculiarities and unique traits. I even helped a little by modelling some hair for Trix! How awesome.

Other releases by Trix over today and yesterday are the Knux Goth Dolls, which are obviously very interesting (I mean, I even downloaded them! Though I download lots of the amazing stuff this community makes, so that really isn't saying much ).

As well as the CA Home Smell emitter, which is really incredibly great for all creatures - your norn, ettin or grendel feelin' a little homesick? Use these 3 gadgets and your norns will feel *right* at home!

You can download all of these at Trix's Universe of Ettins!

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Biodome Community Bash! - Posted Saturday, 19th August 2006 by Liam

Does anyone remember the Biodome, an old room which was in development many years ago? Originally conceived by Skarsnik, the team soon expanded to include developers such as the_blog, Liam, Nirax, and Ambershee, and the project began to take shape. Unfortunately, real life issues forced the project to a halt and subsequent attempts by Liam and Nirax to revive the project failed.

Years later, I dusted the old background Nirax did, and thought that it deserved finishing in one way or another... and that leads us to today and this new project.

The Biodome Community Bash is a project centred around the various artists in the Creatures Community, both recognised and relatively unknown. It is a chance for artists of any level to contribute to a larger project, learn from their peers and have fun!

Have a look at the forum topic for further information on this project and how you can help!

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Metacore Article All Up! - Posted Saturday, 19th August 2006 by Liam

I've just posted Part 5 of the Metacore articles, Projects & Interviews - of which the interviews will be released throughout this week, so stay tuned!

Please comment on the forums if you liked it/disliked it/anything'd it!

It was a pleasure to write - thankyou to all of those who've taken the time to comment so far!

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Interview with Nina of Extreme Albia! - Posted Saturday, 19th August 2006 by Liam

Thats right - an interview with oldbie-CC developer Nina gives us an insight into one of the projects she used to be in, Extreme Albia - well worth a read for some history!

Perhaps if you like it you could even contact her and attempt to revive it, if you'd like- I think it would be fantabulous to see such an awesome project completed!

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The Albia Awards! - Posted Saturday, 19th August 2006 by Liam

The Albia Awards is a special, once-only opportunity for developers and addons for all Creatures games to get the recognition they deserve!

Similar to CL's Golden Shee awards, the Albia Awards will be given to the best developers, rooms, worlds, agents, breeds and Cobs as nominated and voted by you, the Creatures Community!

The Albia Awards will conclude on the 20th of September, and the winners will be announced on the 26th of September.

Know a brilliant artist you think deserves an award, or an awesome programmer? Nominate them and put them in the running for an Albia Award!

More information about the Albia Awards and how you can nominate an addon or person can be found on the Forums!

So what're you waiting for? Get Nominating!

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