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How to Model a Norn Head - Posted Thursday, 24th August 2006 by Don

We have been covering metaroom tutorials recently and now we have a special breed making tutorial you as well. One of our communities most talented artists, Moe, has just released "Poly Modelling A Norn Head". This guide will show you how to produce your own 3D Norn head, the focal part of any any new C3DS breed. Fantastic!

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Metaroom Background Tutorial - Posted Thursday, 24th August 2006 by Don

Have you ever wanted to make a stylish looking metaroom background with textures and lighting? If so then then this is the tutorial for you - The Adobe Photoshop Metaroom Background tutorial by zareb. Pay extra attention to the sections on grass and water effects, as those are the skills to master.

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Three More Parts to your Room - Posted Thursday, 24th August 2006 by Don

Three more highly useful chapters - parts 3, 4 and 5 - have now been added to the seven part "Creating a Metaroom" tutorial. This will be especially interesting for those of you who are either looking at the Biodome Project or have downloaded the Charan Developer's Kit in the hopes of building a successful C3DS metaroom.

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Upcoming Teaser - Posted Wednesday, 23rd August 2006 by Don

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Tree Fairy Norns - Posted Tuesday, 22nd August 2006 by CrazyCreature32

CrazyCreature32 - The Tree Fairy Norns are a design idea I have created, please take a look and help me out if you can.
This is a genome file of mine and a blab file for genetics lab users.
For discussion on this breed please go to the Tree Fairy Norn thread
in the forums.

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Creatures Remastered Patch - Posted Tuesday, 22nd August 2006 by Don

With the success of this year's Festival we have had a number new members joining our community, some of whom own a remastered Creatures title - i.e. The Albian Years, Creatures Exodus or Creatures Village.

Therefore, with my website currently offline, anyone wishing to get hold of the Creatures Remastered Patch to make their game backwards compatible with the original developer tools and addons can now download an improved version 1.04 of the file here.

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