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Final day, final release... or is it? - Posted Sunday, 27th August 2006 by Liam

So we finish on a slightly unfinished note - rumours are rife, but nobody REALLY knows what is going on... and I've but one acronym to add to the discussion: CCDF.

What that stands for little known. What it MEANS is even less known. The reason behind it is WIDELY known.

Nornulu! - But to today's main release... zareb's main contribution to the festival, Nornulu! Nornhulu is a 2 part room which is filled to the brim with awesome newness and Lovecraftian themes!

Download Nornulu HERE!

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Grendels of Minimorder V3! - Posted Sunday, 27th August 2006 by Liam

Thats right - the next release of the Grendels of Minimorder by Minisauron are out!

If you liked the previous Grendels of Minimordor, you'll love these - even if you didn't try the GoMs last time, I fully recommend you download this new version!

Download the Grendels of Minimordor HERE!

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Bryce 5 Available Free! - Posted Saturday, 26th August 2006 by Don

We have been concentrating a lot on metaroom creation recently - tutorials on how to design your own 3D landscaped for use in C3DS. Well luck is on our side and an excellent 3D landscape and animation tool has just been made available for Free, for a limited time only! So you have until September 6th to download Bryce 5 for Windows or Mac.

To accompany this release we have also added in a short Bryce 5 Overview by Moe, which should hopefully give you a better idea of what this product can do!

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Nish's C1IACGMOOH needs more entrants! - Posted Friday, 25th August 2006 by Liam

Come on people! It's almost the end of the festival, and Nish has only received 2 entries to her C1 I'm A Creature Get Me Out Of Here contest!

The rules of entry are:

  1. No immortals.

  2. No non-Norn creatures.

  3. Third party breeds are permitted, however they may not show up as I haven't a clue which ones I have.

  4. Only Creature Labs agents are in, but everybody gets one agent submission and 3 specified places to put it.

  5. Only adult norns.

  6. I will only take the first twelve entries.
  7. Fastagers are okay.

  8. Any norn sent in will be placed up for download.

So come on - send in your C1 norns to Nish!

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Metaroom Creation Part 6 up! - Posted Friday, 25th August 2006 by Liam

Thats right - tomorrow being the last day of the festival, we have part 6 up today!

Can you WAIT for tomorrow? I know I can't!! Such an exciting day... the last part of the tutorial is going up, as well as a big surprise... I hope you enjoy it!

In fact, there may even be several surprises... even I don't know yet - stay tuned!

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Sarako's Basics of Agenteering! - Posted Friday, 25th August 2006 by Liam

Sarako, the creator of the Mac Key Commands Patch, has written a special tutorial for the CCSF - the basics of agenteering on a Macintosh! This tutorial covers what tools are out there, and even goes through Sarako's Bubble Blower as an example!

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