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Let's Get Interviewed - Posted Thursday, 4rd August 2006 by Liam

That's right! The Interviews page is finally up, along with the first two interviews of the festival!

Erin, the original creator of the CCSF, was kind enough to provide us with an interview, as well as one of the behind-the-scenes coordinators of this festival, malkin!

So go take a gander at the Interviews Page and have a read - I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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Aaah! It's a severed head! - Posted Thursday, 4rd August 2006 by Liam

Thats right - made especially for you! A project being worked on by Mizgiwir of 'The Young and the Brainless' fame, it has been in development for over 6 months now, very occasionally it has to be admitted.

Cool, eh? Well! You can change the expression and the colours simply using a point-and-click interface!

Some testimonies:
"Utterly awesome!" - Liam Norn
"Au contraire, it is le perfect!' - Rosy Norn
"Bleh. I've seen better." Some random passerby

Decide for yourself!

Take a look at Mizgiwir's Flash Norn!

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The Aquatilis Pod for DS - Posted Thursday, 4rd August 2006 by Liam

Another release is also available, another room compiled by myself - the Aquatilis Pod! The Aquatilis Pod is a mini version of Aquatilis Caverna, for those who didn't like the size of the room, but loved the fauna and flora.

You can read a review of the room by KnyteTrypper in the Articles Section, and download the room itself HERE!

I hope you enjoy it!

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Trix's Treasures - Posted Thursday, 3rd August 2006 by Liam

Another addition to Trix's amazing efforts available for download, the adorable Sleepy Sheep and the (incredibly) useful Bunny Milk vendor have been released, along with an update for the Akatora norns! If you were having trouble with the Akatora, you can get the needed fix, and all these other releases, at The Universe of Ettins!

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The Rainbow Norns for C2 - Posted Thursday, 3rd August 2006 by Liam

Today, nornenmeister released his 'Rainbow Norns', a special C2 breed created especially for the CCSF!

"The Rainbow Norns are a very colourful breed. These bright colours are mirroring the pleasure Creatures gave to many players for the past 10 years. They are a little similar to a rainbow shining in the sun – just like Creatures. The male and the female just differ in their eye colour. The male has dark eyes, the female red ones. Their tail is opulently swung, just like the pleasure Creatures gives to us every day. Both sexes are available as a baby, child and adult. The Rainbow Norns have the Golden Desert genome by Creature Labs, and occupy Norn Slot R.

Cheers for the next 10 years with Creatures!"

Thank you nornenmeister! They're utterly awesome. Download the Rainbow Norns HERE!

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Day 4 Releases and apologies! - Posted Thursday, 3rd August 2006 by Liam

Once again, both Don and I are terribly sorry at rather slow rate at which features are going online, but its the best we can do at the current time. The Downloads and Reviews pages are not yet up, but I've told told they will be quite soon, so hopefully I'll be able to relocate all the various things!

The Website
The website is still undergoing changes, as Don has mentioned, so please bear with us! If you find your name on the login list in the Member's Section, you can now use the Recover Password feature to find out your old password! Alternatively, if you are a new member, then please do register an account to be able to post on the Forums and join in the other activities.

Thank you!
Thank you to Muffin who pointed out a number of problems with the website (all of which have now been resolved), and to all the other wonderful people who have sent in encouragement, thanks, congratulations and bugs through the Contact Page! We appreciate it enormously, and I know I always look forward to checking my email to see what queries or comments you have!

I have had a few emails and questions regarding the competitions - even a few entries! The competition page will go up ASAP, so if you can hold on for a little bit longer, it would be greatly appreciated.

And finally, a sneak preview...
Since I'm so nice (and I feel terrible about the delays!) here are a few sneak previews of some things to be released!

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