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Trix's Treasures updated - Posted Tuesday, 8th August 2006 by Liam

Another agent from Trix has been released - the Warptek vendor, made for the Warptek group! "It doesn't look that great, but the candy it vends is absolutely addictive for your creatures, and very nutritious as well ^^"

Download it at The Universe of Ettins!

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LoTR Grendel Treat - Posted Tuesday, 8th August 2006 by Liam

The Grendels of Minimorder are a genetic breed created by Minisauron, and they are by far one of the most interesting breed of grendels I have ever encountered.

I won't list all of the changes and additions to the usual grendel genome, but here are just a few:

- Males and females are very different - females are a lot stronger than males and live longer, while males don't live for very long and are more interested in the saying 'make love, not war!'
- The GoM are good at surviving in very hostile environments
- Radiation is converted to energy
- GoMs are very fertile, so tend to accumulate quickly
- They're amphibious!

Download the Grendels of Minimordor V2 HERE!

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Ask Laura Interview - Posted Monday, 7th August 2006 by Liam

Another interview is up, this time with CC.com Agony Aunt Laura.

To go with Laura's interview, there is also another article up - "Best of Ask Laura", some of her favourite questions of all time- I'd certainly recommend having a read through, there's some incredibly funny stuff there!

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Even More Trix's Treasures - Posted Monday, 7th August 2006 by Liam

Once again we've seen another set of releases by Trix - the Tetra Ettins, swimming versions of her Guppies and Rain Ettins (with the help of the Swimming Agents by nornagon, of course!) and last but not least, the Coral Ettins!

All are fantastic, and I especially recommend the Tetra ettins - they're adorable, and perfect for Aquatilis Caverna or any other underwater room!

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The Creatures Repository - Posted Monday, 7th August 2006 by Liam

TCR is a brand new site created by ElasticMuffin, focused entirely on one thing: gathering up the largest collection of Norns, Ettins, and Grendels that the CC has ever seen! It provides users with a searchable database of Creatures submitted by its users, with all creatures having 'tags' that make it easier to search based on specific breeds and other attributes. Registration is simple and submission is completely automatic via the provided online form - no e-mail attachments needed.
So, if you need some new blood to add to your gene pool for any of the games, then head toward TCR to see what you can find. Or, if you have some Creatures that you'd like to share with the community or have a bunch of old ones just lying around, then send them in! Our current collection is very small, but we hope that with time and some help from the community, we can create a resource that will ensure your world's gene pool never runs dry.

Interested yet? You should be! Go have a look, and submit your own norns! To make The Creature Repository work, we need as many norns, ettins and grendels there are possible - if you have some old ettins lying around in a folder, or some norns left over from a wolfling run - submit them! If you're confused as to what the Repository is exactly, have a look at it's information (About) page, it tells you all you need to know (as well as containing a snazzy poem!). I know I'll certainly be submitting a few norns I have lying around!

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CCSF Featured at Digital Girl! - Posted Sunday, 6th August 2006 by Liam

This month, Creatures and the Creatures Community Spirit Festival have been featured at Digital Girl. Digital Girl is a well-known site whose members are interested in chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, and virtual beings in general. I'd just like to welcome any Digital Girls (or Digital Guys!) and hope they become as enthralled with the world of Creatures as we are!

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