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Creatures Tenth Anniversary - Posted Saturday, 11th November 2006 by Don

As all the true Creatures fans will be aware, today is Creatures tenth anniversary. It was November 11th 1996 when the first Creatures title was released and it wasn't long before it began to attract a following.

Creatures appealed to so many of us, from the carers and breeders to the scientists and developers but, regardless of what first attracted you to the game, the sounds of your first Norn hatching from its egg, his first words and his expression when you quickly hatched a playmate to keep him company are all memories to be cherished.

We may never truly know quite what it is about this game, about the inhabitants of Albia - the primitive society of furry Norns, the mischievous Ettins and those wicked Grendels - that has kept us here for so many years but I feel certain the reason lies somewhere within the eager yet innocent spark of magic you can see in a Norn's eyes.

So, while the final few projects of this festival are being finished by the busiest members of our community, I bid you to come and post about your fondest Creatures memories within our forums, for future fans to read at the next big anniversary celebration.

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