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Creatures Comunity Disc Released! - Posted Monday, 4th September 2006 by Liam

A very fitting release for the Developers Festival, don't you think? The CCD is an attempt to put as many awesome agents, breeds, metarooms and stories onto a single CD, for newcomers to Creatures as well as oldbies! It includes:

C12DS - Creatures 1 to Docking Station.

Zarebs Creations - Aquatopia, Gardenia, Nornhulu, The Ancient Arch.

From the High Tech Hand - Egg Hatcher, Renornimator, Stop Slapping Norns, Eem Foo's Magic Box, Mini-Copier, Miracle Heal, Air Purifier, Egg Finder, Egg Finer Advanced, Vocabuliser, Physic Adaptor.

By Gameware Development - Genetics Kit, Sprite Kit, CAOS Kit, Room Editor, PRAYBuilder.

Go check it out at its website! A 'must have' if you are new to Creatures, definitely!

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