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Creatures Community Development Festival! - Posted Friday, 1st September 2006 by Liam

The Creatures Community Development Festival is an event which is incredibly overdue. We have been celebrating the community for years but what about the developers; those hard-working people who make the agents, cobs, breeds, worlds, programs and metarooms we use?

This festival, which starts on September 1st and runs until November 11th (the 10th Anniversary of Creatures) is all about developers and their projects! We will be taking a close look at several developers and how they work, look a selection of projects in development, and release more open-source backgrounds, images and source code, as well as release more projects!

The CCDF will highlight projects in development and the future of Creatures, bringing community awareness to projects which don't have much publicly available information, as well as little-known projects from the various communities.

There are several sections to the CCDF: one concerns upcoming releases, projects in development and the developers; another is all about community-oriented projects underway such as the Biodome; the last section is the games, competitions and awards you have all been waiting for!

So, are you a developer who would like to share your views on developing, show us your current project in development, gain some help with a project, release a project or write an article or tutorial? Contact us, and we'll do our absolute *best* to help you.

This festival is also about bringing the Community closer. Over the past few years, the various communities have drifted apart and slowly lost contact, and even in some peoples' opinions it has lost its edge and "community" feel. Throughout the festival, we hope that we can help raise the bar in the Creatures Community, both development and friendship wise.

Another focus of the CCDF is open source content and free content. There are a number of open source and free content projects both in the works and already released - including Charan, the backgrounds of Terra Pluvialis, Aquatilis Caverna and the Aquatilis pod - and we are hoping to promote the sharing of graphics and code by supporting projects such as the Biodome Community Bash project, which will be completely open-source in all respects.

That's the long explanation… the short explanation? Developers Rock, So Let's Support Them!!

Upcoming Releases
• Raccoon Norns & Den Metaroom
• Shoutaku Norns
• Pheonix Norns
• Secret Project C.
• Secret Project L.

• The Biodome Community Project
• Ettinopia Community Project
• Lifandi

Featured Projects
• The Boneyard
• The Fairyfloss Norns
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