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Nish's C1IACGMOOH needs more entrants! - Posted Friday, 25th August 2006 by Liam

Come on people! It's almost the end of the festival, and Nish has only received 2 entries to her C1 I'm A Creature Get Me Out Of Here contest!

The rules of entry are:

  1. No immortals.

  2. No non-Norn creatures.

  3. Third party breeds are permitted, however they may not show up as I haven't a clue which ones I have.

  4. Only Creature Labs agents are in, but everybody gets one agent submission and 3 specified places to put it.

  5. Only adult norns.

  6. I will only take the first twelve entries.
  7. Fastagers are okay.

  8. Any norn sent in will be placed up for download.

So come on - send in your C1 norns to Nish!

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