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For the Developers out there! - Posted Thursday, 17th August 2006 by Liam

Today's 'release' is a tad unorthodox, really, and is mainly for all the developers out there.

Some people may remember 'Charan', which has been vaguely referenced in any number of articles and various places, including one of my old signature images. Charan was originally my Metacore project, and was also my first real metaroom.

With help from Sentinal I had constructed a background and made a few agents for it, but Metacore disbanded soon after I had got into the swing of things.

Now... years later, I've decided to dig it out and make it open source under a new license, for use by any developers out there who might want to use it or might find it useful in some way!

Included in the .rar download are the following:

- Charan's background in both .bmp and .blk file formats
- Charan's injection script
- Several small agents for the room
- A favourite place icon
- And finally, the license for the use of the room itself.

Before you use ANY of Charan, please make sure to read the License! All things created with parts of Charan in them must also be open source.

Download the 'Charan Developer's Kit' HERE!

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