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Metacore Surprise! - Posted Monday, 14th August 2006 by Liam

This section details some more history, and includes the art from one of Kim's ever-changing rooms, the Mushroom Caves!

As well as Part 2, there's also a special surprise - remember the Mermaid Caves, progenitor to Aquatilis Caverna?

Well, as I was digging around in my old files the other day I found the last beta which was done... quite simple, 3 levels, 2 underwater and one above land, and a lemon tree. If I get enough support, I may code the agents which were originally meant for the room, including: a lift, a statue, a plant rack, a flower, and a few other things, so if people want me to expand on the room... send an email through the contact page or post on the forums!

Download the Mermaid Caves Beta Version 0.9 here!

The Mermaid Caves was done by Nina, Trix, kaelis and others, so kudos to them for allowing me to put it up after so many years!

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