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Aquatilis Caverna V2 Release! - Posted Thursday, 11th August 2006 by Liam

After a long period of waiting, ACV2 is finally here - hopefully with all bugs addressed and fixed! Well, with the possible exception of the bubbleballs, but who KNOWS what's going on with those! If you encounter trouble with any, just go to the Agent Injection screen, remove and re-inject them.

If you are running a world with AC in it already, you can remove all the old critters, plants and toys and inject the new ones- unfortunately I can't say the same for the room itself. You can remove then reinject the room, though this has NOT been thoroughly tested (and it results in 2 AC icons; kill hots one of them to fix this issue.)

This version includes:
- All bugs fixed (with the exception of the bubbleballs)
- Introduction screen
- Cellular Automata, which allows your norns to travel round AC!
- Fixed map

So go on, don't resist temptation... go download it now!

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