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Terra Pluvialis - Posted Monday, 31st July 2006 by Liam

The long awaited Terra Pluvialis which was meant to be released last festival is also here, with many improvements and additions! Pluvialis has DEFINATELY been a collaborative project, and I would like to thank everyone who has worked with me on the project. You can read more about Terra Pluvialis' history in the readme!

Terra Pluvialis... a floating rock in space, discovered by a rather homesick Shee named Terasumaren and left for many thousands of years, is something of a jungle... but it is not your usual jungle. An amalgamation of many environments, it is perfect for your Vampyre Grendels... what are they? I guess you'll have to wait til later in the festival, won't you?

EDIT: Okay, updated version available with a few minor bugs fixed, and openc2e work! Well, mostly. You can download Terra Pluvialis HERE or HERE.

If you'd like to comment on TP, please send it through the contact page, or post on the forums!

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