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Interview with malkin - Posted Friday, 4th August 2006 by Liam

An interview with malkin, the behind-the-scenes invisible CCSF co-coordinator, without whom the festival would definitely be struggling!

Interview by Liam.

What first brought you into the Creatures Community?

Google, actually.

Years and years ago, my older brother had played C1. I thought it was cool, but he thought differently and put it away. In about 2003, I found our CD, and remembered that I liked it and that the creatures were supposed to have DNA. Being a biology student, I installed it and started playing.

Hehe- it seems a lot of people find their way to us through Google. What were your first thoughts on how the Creatures Community functioned, and do you think it has changed since?

When I first joined, I remember that everyone was upset because CL had just gone bankrupt - predictions of the death of the CC were rampant, but there was a sense of defiance - that we wouldn't just say 'die'.

Now that Gameware has bought the games and developed a rapport with the community, the mood in the CC is much more optimistic than I remember it being.

You've become a relatively well known, and extremely helpful figure in the community. Do you ever get frustrated by the constant barrage of similar questions in the help forums?

Sometimes, when I can't understand the question, or I just answered that one last week. Even if I get annoyed at answering a question for a new person, at least there is a new person coming into the community, and I don't want to discourage that person from staying on.

How do you think playing Creatures has influenced you?

I've always liked playing with small cute things, but playing Creatures has led me to try to write my own (CAOS) code - because my brothers are technically inclined, I've always just left the nitty-gritty of computers to them.

Most recently, I've been studying Population Ecology at university, and I would always try to use norns as an analogy for the theories that we would cover in lectures.

Where do you think the community will go from here?

That's largely up to the community, I think... Certainly things are looking rosier than they were when I joined the CC. I'd really like to see a lot more people that are interested in development becoming more skilled, and more Creatures fiction, myself. But as long as we all keep encouraging each other, working together, and keeping our spirit strong, we'll go just fine.

What has it been like organising the CCSF with Don, Moe and I?

Mad fun. The hardest part of the job is knowing what's going on, but not being able to say anything...

I know what you mean - though I can't really talk, having orchestrated, er... organised a lot of it! What do you think of the releases you've seen?


Any favourites?

Terra Pluvialis - I've been watching you with this project almost from its inception… it'll be a treat to see it released. (Astute readers may be able to see a few of my touches in the story, here and there.) [Editor's Note: This hasn't been included in the Terra Pluvialis download, but will be released later in the festival.]

Indeed they will. Okay... now for some more mundane questions: what is your favourite agent or cob, and why?

Muppetboy's Juicy Apples Cob - it puts food within the Grendel's reach. J

What is your favourite breed and why?

My favourite breed would have to be the Alien Norns, because they're beautiful and have some interesting genetic modifications.

And finally, what is your favourite metaroom or world and why?

My favourite world or metaroom would probably have to be the C1 Albia. I haven't played C12DS yet, so I can't really say if I like it better.

To round it off, a tradition inspired by Albia2000's Interviews… Rapid Fire Questions!

Cheese or Carrots? Cheese.
C1 or C2 Albia? C1 Albia
Cute or fierce? Cute
Metaroom or world? World

Thanks malkin! I'm sure we'll be seeing you round... have a wonderful festival!

Thank you, Liam!

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