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CCSF 2006 Current Wolfling Runs Wolfling Run Rules

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This forum is for the CCSF Wolfling Runs which will be happening this week, and here is the rules thread for the various events.


C1 IACGMOOH, Run by: Nish

  1. (rules pending)

Submissions to: carsonsummers(at)knology(dot)net


C1 Wolfling Run, Run by: Poopster

  1. Submit norns by emailing me at poopymonkeyfeet@hotmail.com or through PM. Send it before August 8th, because that when I'm starting it.

  2. One norn per person!

  3. I don't want COB submissions since I am not using any in the world.

  4. Include what breed(s) your norn is, their age, gender, and a picture. Also, tell me your username if you email me. If your norn is a breed that doesn't come with C1 or the Life Kit, then direct me to where I can download it.

  5. No immortals, super-breeds, etc.

  6. If you don't want to enter your norn because it's too old, send me it's GEN file. If you don't know how to find it, ask me for help.

Submissions to: poopymonkeyfeet(at)hotmail(dot)com


C2 Wolfling Run, Run by: Ettinshoard

This will take place in the second week of the festival.

  1. Maximum 12 entrants

  2. All Entrants must be norns

  3. Entrants may bring up to 2 COBs which may or may not be allowed into the game at my discretion

  4. No COBs that will harm norns or my PC

Ettinshoard - elliot(dot)hughes(at)gmail(dot)com


C3/DS Wolfling Run, Run by: Hellfrozeover

  1. (rules pending)

Submissions to: omgdiepie(at)hotmail.co.uk (Submissions Closed!)

- Liam

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CCSF 2006 Current Wolfling Runs Wolfling Run Rules