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Mac Exodus Catalogue Alias Fix - Posted Thursday, 31st August 2006 by Don

The following guide by Gulli is intended to fix a problem whereby, on injecting an agent into a Macintosh Creatures Exodus game, the catalogue files extract to the wrong directory. The solution uses Automator, one of OS X's inbuilt scripting systems. This method also replaces steps 7 and 8 from the "Installing Addons for the Mac OS X" article.

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Installing Addons for the Mac OS X - Posted Thursday, 31st August 2006 by Don

This simple installation guide, based on Geat_Masta's walkthrough from the Creatures Wiki, will ensure that Mac users can make the most of this year's Festival as well.

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A Quick Fix For Fastagers! - Posted Sunday, 27th August 2006 by Liam

Most breeders will agree that inevitably, the more unique and beautiful a creature's coloration is, the more likely it is to be a fastager. This tutorial shows a simple way of editing a norn's genetics to fix its fastager problem!

Tutorial by Knytetrypper.

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A Beginners Guide to easyPRAY - Posted Sunday, 27th August 2006 by Liam

By Shadowveil

Once you have all the files for your agent, you need to compile them into one .agents file for easy distribution. By far the quickest way to do this is with Tina Hirsch's easyPRAY. So here are some simple steps to using this handy tool, written for beginners by a beginner.

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Creating a Metaroom - Part 7: Final Touches - Posted Saturday, 26th August 2006 by Liam

The last and final part of my Creation of a Metaroom: From Inception to Release series of tutorials.

This part details beta testing, catalogue files, release, websites and more!

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Bryce 5 Overview by Moe - Posted Saturday, 26th August 2006 by Don

With the 3D graphics tool Bryce 5 available for FREE download until September 6th 2006, we thought we would pinch one of Moe's insightful forum posts to give you an overview of this product. Thanks Moe!

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