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CCSF II 2005

The Creatures Community Spirit Festival is an annual celebration, run during the first two weeks of August. This year's festival is made up of an initial week of competitions (prizes to be revealed) and other events, followed by a second week of web-games, activities and new addons. Watch this website carefully for daily updates and changes!

Competition Week - August 1st to 7th

During this first week, and on into the second week, we encourage you to enter at least a couple of the competitions. The benefits of entering and the prizes to be won are going to be kept underwraps for now so you'll have to wait and see what goodies might be in store. Yes, we do hope you guys enjoy suprises.

Update: The competition results are in and have been announced!

Downloads Week - August 8th to 14th

Be prepared for lots of new CCSF downloads, in the form of new breeds, metarooms, agent and more... August 8th and 9th are certainly worth watching out for!

Website Structure

You can check out the latest news for each day using the Day links at the top of the website, or catch up using our summary links on the left. Just don't forget to keep visiting often and recheck pages for all the latest updates over the course of the day.

We currently need volunteers to translate the pages into French
and German so do please contact us if you can assist.