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CCSF Conclusion

The Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2005 has come to an end but don't worry, the website and downloads will remain online.

Competitions Results!

There were so many fantastic entries, each one of a very high quality, but CCSF team can now proudly announce the winners of the 2005 Community Competitions:

The first place winners are:
Darcie, Nirax (aka AJ) and Stephanie.

The second place winners are:
Max, Cobra and Nornish.

The third place winners are:
GameFreak, Officer 1BDI, Critter_girl and MisterVix.

Each of the lucky ten have already received an email informing
them of how to claim their prize. Congratulations!

Terra Pluvialis

The competition entries will be available as part of the inspiring Terra Pluvialis metaroom for Creatures 3 and Docking Station.

Until Next Year

Goodbye and Have Fun!

"See you in 2006"