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CCSF Day Fourteen

The Canopy is a very exciting new metaroom being produced by
Moe and edash, and, as promised, here is The Canopy Interview.

Liam: So, what exactly IS the Canopy?

edash: To put it simply the Canopy is an ancient forest encapsulated in a large bio-dome to protect it from the harsh weather conditions of the outside world. It’s set on a planet that was once teeming with life, but now has reached an ice age and all other life has died.

Liam: Would you mind giving us a brief overview of the features of the Canopy?

edash: Sure! The Canopy was and still is to my knowledge the first metaroom to feature a full night / day cycle. The dome contains a full weather system including rain, hail, snow, sleet, and even a few others that I wouldn’t want to spoil quite yet ;). Many different types of fauna and flora live on and around the base of the trees, and a varied selection of fish swim in the pond. The Canopy even contains a few puzzles and a few extra surprises for the inquisitive player. There are of course a few strange looking bits of machinery left by the builders but as to their function, I can only guess.

Liam: Considering you created them, they must be mysterious indeed ;) Sounds good. Now, when can we expect the Canopy?

edash: It will be ready before the end of the month, but I'm not promising a date.

Liam: Brilliant. Now..This is for all those fans of the Canopy out there: Can you PLEASE give us a preview?

edash: By all means, here is a nice new screenshot...

The Canopy Screenshot

edash: ...and even a few critters from that Canopy that I managed to catch - enjoy :)

Canopy Bluebottles

Liam: Wow, those are fantastic! I can really see why people are awaiting this room!

edash: Would you like some music with that? ;)

Liam: Ooooo, yes please!

The Canopy Music Sample (MP3)

Liam: Can you give us any hints as to what we can expect from Corona in the future?

edash: There will most likely be some new agents for the Garbage Dump on the way. An expansion pack was planned, but it's not currently in the works. I'm sure the community will have noticed that the corona site became rather nautical themed and there is something quite large and watery on it's way. (and I don't mean a serving of cabbage).

Liam: Hehe, yes, I was wondering about that.. now I know! Thankyou very much for this chance to interview you edash,
and I can't wait to see what Corona has in store for us!

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