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CCSF Day Fourteen

Sunday and last day of the CCSF. You have until midnight (GMT) to submit your competition entries for our three competitions. Goodluck to all the entrants!

Update: The competitions are now closed!

The Canopy Interview

The Canopy Preview

The Canopy is fast nearing completion and, since we know you're eager for a little more information about this project, you can now check out our latest interview:

"Featured in the CC"

Our special closing agent to commemorate the CCSF, its participants, and 'Featured in the CC' is now under development in the workshop. It might remain a mystery for a few more days while
it is chiseled and perfected, so stay tuned!

C12DS Released!

Go Download C12DS

The perfect ending to this year's Festival is the news that C12DS has just been released! The whole of the Creatures 1 world, with all the original cobs, landscape, norn breeds and grendel, is now available for Docking Station! If this isn't a project to get nostalgic over we don't know what is :)

See you Next Year

Happy Creatures Community Spirit Festival!

We hope you enjoyed the 2005 Festival, and we'll be seeing you again August 2nd 2006, for the Creatures ten year anniversary celebrations. 2005 Competition Results.