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CCSF Day Eleven

I bet you've been wondering if the community really is generous enough for us to have collected enough downloads to keep this year's Downloads Week running smoothly. Well, we can excitedly confirm there are enough highly talented and generous people
amongst our dear Community, and so the addons roll on...

Download Aquatopia by zareb

Today' CCSF release is a real treat. Aquatopia is a wonderful water themed metaroom for C3DS by our zareb, who it seems has developed a real flare for the art folowwing the release of zaharo, The Ancient Arch (TAA), and Aquamind. You are just going to love the selection of sea creatures and the plentiful space so hurry and download your copy now!

Website Links

zareb's website: zareb's creations

Wizard Norns

We have just heard word that Max has re-released the Wizard Norns for Creatures 2 for the Creatures Community Spirit Festival. You can download this magical breed from The Albian Gate.