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CCSF Day Ten

Seeing that its mid-week and we're feeling generous, today we thought we might offer you a compelation of fine Creatures downloads, produced especially for the CCSF.

The Mini Commedia

The Mini Commedia for Creatures 3/DS,
by Marcus Kurzbach of the Grendel Warehouse

"The Mini Commedia is a little Commedias, dispensed from a vendor, that your norns can eat! You can make as many as you want, but to ensure you don't make to much the vendor needs a little time to produce a new Commedis, and this time gap is different from vendor to vendor.

The little Commedias, just like the large one that comes with Docking Station (above right), can morph into any shape they are close to, but when these little versions transform to a big object they will give your norns more food if eaten. Have much fun with it ;-)"

Purple Mountain Hootch

Purple Mountain Hootch for Creatures 1, by malkin

"After a recent tremor caused by the Creatures Community Spirit Festival party, something called 'drink' has rolled down from the Purple Mountains of Albia to the delight of your Purple Mountain, Forest and Ron Norns!"

Are you willing to let your norns enjoy this new purple suprise? If so don't forget to keep a close eye on them.

Stinky Cheese

Stinky Cheese for Creatures 2, by Critter_girl

"This awfully smelly cheese is much heathlier then the normal, yellow cheese."

Why not let your creatures compare the two in a norn taste-test? One in three norns seems to prefer their cheese *stinky*! ;)

Creatures Icons

Set of Creatures Icons, by Spook

Spook writes "Here's a Creatures themed icon set that I whipped up for the CCSF. It contains eight icons, and has a set for both Windows, and Mac OSX. For Windows I recommend having your display at 32 bit for best quality. :)"

Isn't that a cool idea? Creatures-theme your PC. I rather like the ettin icon myself :)


Download at your own risk! ;)

The Evil Council's gift, by Dark Psycho, comes in the form of an egg agent. Quite what will hatch, who knows?