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CCSF Day Seven

As the last day before Downloads Week begins we thought we would interview Sent on the development of this wonderful new C3DS metaroom set and breed we've been hearing about.

Liam: The Den's website has been a bit static lately, is the Den project dead?

Sent: Well, you see. To be completely honest with. I had plans on moving the Den website to my new server, but things seemed to pop up as well. The project in a sense isn't dead. I've just decided that my interest in the CC has dropped to a halt for the time being.

I'm not exactly sure where the project stands at this point in time. It's not "dead", just slightly stagnant until I either
a) pick it up and run with it again. or b) I get together a group of select people to help me complete it to a standard where I would be willing to release it.

The project was in fact a rather large project and I'm rather proud of what I've done with it. I'm also rather thankful for all the community support that I have received.

Liam: What sort of things are there left to do in the project?

Sent: As the project currently stands, I could release three "empty" rooms right now if that was my choice. But in doing that I would only have an incomplete project and I don't believe that I'm willing to do that. As for the breed. Well, I can honestly say that the adult male sprites are all done and only the resizing needs to be finished. I have enough done to "release". But as I said, I'd rather finish the project first.

Liam: What characteristics will the Raccoon Norns have? Such as instincts etc.

Sent: Well, my original intention for the Raccoons was for them to be much like ettins, in the sense that they would collect food rather then machinary and bring it back to their "Den". I also didn't really want them to explore other places much unless they were looking for food.

Liam: What will be in the rooms, and will there be an ecosystem?

Sent: Well, with rooms each one is a little different. The first room is rather like a little "haven" for the Raccoons, it's safe, there's not a lot there and it's... well, perdy.

The next room is more of a little "garbage" room where there's a garbage deposit and odd bits of machinery. Not much can actually "live" in this room.

The third room is larger then the other two and 's the only one that really has it's own ecosystem. My entire plan for this room was that there would be a range of plants and bugs that would each be dependant on another or more in orger to survive. So wiping out one you would see a chain reaction that would slowly kill off the others. I'm evil but I though it was something much of the game was missing.

Liam: Can we please have a few screenshots of the project? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Sent: Well.. umm.. okay.

View The Den Screenshot 1 full size

View The Den Screenshot 2 full size

Raccoon Norn

Liam: Do you have any set release date for the Den and the Raccoon norns?

Sent: Well, that's basically the same as it's always been. This has always been a personal project that has always been "built" along the way. It's not exactly something I had planned, it just keeps expanding. So at the moment there isn't one, but we'll see what happens when I pick it up again.

Liam: Thank you so much for the chance to interview you, and good luck!

Sent: No problem, and thanks!


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