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CCSF Day Six

Today is a Docking Station "Get Online Day"! So if the game server
is online then do log on to Docking Station (the free Creatures game) right now with everyone else. By getting as many people as possible playing at once we hope to prove to a publisher that it would be worth funding a new Creatures game!

We have 26 people online at the moment... We need more!

Secret Adventure Mode for DS

Since you will be online playing Docking Station all day it seemed like the perfect opportunity to release the Secret Adventure Mode blue carrot helper; An agent for Docking Station that Liam has been working on for the CCSF to aid players in mastering SAM.

Secret Adventure Mode for DS

Eight years ago, people started discussing the Secret Adventure Mode - an illusive Mode of creatures that gave you many more quests, special items and more. Now, the Mode is available to all players of Docking Station! This agent is the culmination of many months of hard, tiring work - and I hope you enjoy it! Hint: To start off, find the Blue Carrot.. You will understand what to do then :D