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CCSF Day Four

As you probably know, this Saturday - situated in the middle of the Spirit Festival - is a "Get Online Saturday" where we all log on to Docking Station for the day to show our support for the continuation of the Creatures series.

"My Norn" Task

So, for today we would like each and every one of you to please send us one interesting, adult, cross-breed (or colourful) norn for Docking Station that you have raised. Try not to send a fast-ager.

You should title your emails "CCSF My Norn" and attach a bmp/s16 photo* you have taken of your norn as well as the .ds.creature file. We shall be revealing their fate in due course...

*Task Helper Tips

DS Photos taken of norns in-game are saved as .s16 files in
C:\Program Files\Docking Station\My Worlds\[WorldName]\Images\
or for Creatures Exodus:
My Documents\Creatures\Docking Station\My Worlds\[World]\Images\
To preview these files you can use the Sprite Thumbnail Viewer.