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CCSF Day Three

We are now into the third day of the CCSF with plenty of insane new downloads being lined up ready for release over the next fortnight and three exciting contests already underway. Things
seem to be hoting up as the festival gains momentum.

500th Ask Laura

Today the Ask Laura column at Creatures Caves has seen its 500th question and as such we wanted to celebrate the milestone with a special token of our appreciation. The appropriately-themed agent has just left the workshop and can be downloaded below!

Download the
Mystery Agent

Once you have injected the Ask Laura agent, to find out how it works press your keyboard F1 key to enter the standard in-game "Creatures help" mode (a small question mark will appear on the hand) and then right click on the pen to bring up the instructions. Pressing F1 again exits help.

Competitions Updated

We have also had a few people entering our three current juicy competitons for their chance to win some excellent goodies and we are just loving these entries! There is still plenty of time left but have you begun work on your entry yet? No? Then give it a go, you might be in luck! Who would turn down the chance to win free prizes?

Due to special requests we have also extended all the competition deadlines and added a free-choice topic for the Fan Art and Short Story Categories. So don't forget, if you have an idea or a suggestion we would love to hear from you.