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CCSF Day Two

Today we are launching our third CCSF competition for those of you who want to get involved in a little agent making.

Agent Making Competition

The third competition is to produce a new plant object for any of the Creatures games. For anyone wishing to concentrate on the CAOS element, plant sprites will be provided shortly; Equally a basic plant script will be offered for those who wish to focus on graphics.

Feel free to submit as many entries as you like, ensuring you test them all first. The competition winners will be divided into two categories, although all entries will be considered for both groups:

  • Best new Plant Scripting
  • Best new Plant Graphics

Judge's tip: Try to keep the plants fairly in keeping with the style of the games.

Agent Making Competition Downloads

Helper image sprites and CAOS scripts, courtesy of Liam, to assist you in entering the competition:

Download Plant
Images 1

Download Plant
Images 2

(To Be Added)

Download Plant
CAOS Script

You might also like to check out the basic plant script by Zareb at the Creatures Wiki as it will greatly help explain the CAOS element.