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CCSF Day One

Today is the first day of the Creatures Community Spirit Festival, as part of Competition Week. The 2005 theme is Nature so our first two competitions are as follows:

Fan Art Competition

Select one of the five titles around which to design your fan art.

  • Albian Landscape [insert own words here].
  • Norn's First Love.
  • Worker Ettins keep busy in [Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter].
  • Grendels in the Jungle.
  • A Single Flower.
  • Free Choice Topic.

Story Telling Competition

Select one of the five short-story titles to base your story on.

  • How the Norn and the Ettin became Friends.
  • A Butterfly's Perspective.
  • The Doozers' Quest to Save the Last Feverfew.
  • Raised Amongst Norns, A Grendel's Tale.
  • A Day in the Life Of.
  • Free Choice Topic.

Submitting Competitions and Rules

For the latest information on how to submit your competition entries please check out the "Competitions" page from the left menu.