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CCSF Competitions Sumary

Update: The competitions are now closed!

Our current competitions, that will be open until August 14th 2005, include the following.

1) Fan Art Competition

Select one of the five titles around which to design your fan art.

  • Albian Landscape [insert own words here].
  • Norn's First Love.
  • Worker Ettins keep busy in [Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter].
  • Grendels in the Jungle.
  • A Single Flower.
  • Free Choice Topic.

2) Story Telling Competition

Select one of the five short-story titles to base your story on.

  • How the Norn and the Ettin became Friends.
  • A Butterfly's Perspective.
  • The Doozers' Quest to Save the Last Feverfew.
  • Raised Amongst Norns, A Grendel's Tale.
  • A Day in the Life Of.
  • Free Choice Topic.

3) Agent Making Competition

The third competition is to produce a new plant object for any of the Creatures games. Helper sprite and script downloads here.

Feel free to submit as many entries as you like, ensuring you test them all first. The competition winners will be divided into two categories, although all entries will be considered for both groups:

  • Best new Plant Scripting
  • Best new Plant Graphics

Judge's tip: Try to keep the plants fairly in keeping with the style of the games.

Rules and Prizes

Please check here for the latest competition rules and prizes.