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CCSF Competitions

Please check here for the current list of open competitions.

About the Prizes

The donated prizes, which are so cool they have even surprised us, must remain underwraps for now but we can assure you that it is well worth entering at least a couple of competitions in case you win! Come on, we know you can do it!

Submission Rules

  • Entries should be emailed to ccsf@amberz.net by August 14th.
  • For ease, entry emails should have a subject title of the form:
    "CCSF [Competition Name]: [Title]"
  • Entries must include the name and email address of the sender.
  • English, French and German text-based entries might be judged separately; other categories, such as art, can be mixed.
  • After the competitions the best selection of entries will be made available at the CCSF website for everyone to appreciate.
  • Competition results will be released by August 20th.
  • Any further requirements are detailed below.

Fan Art Competitions

Images can be any dimensions but they should preferably be saved in GIF, JPG or PNG format to keep the file size relatively low. You can enter any many images as you wish for up to two art titles (out of the six options).

Short Story Competitions

Stories should be sent as plain-text Notepad documents (.txt files), with no more than 4,000 words. Please do include paragraph spacing (one free line between paragraphs). You can also use any form of ascii art to underline or illustrate headings if desired. You can enter any many images as you wish for up to two short story titles (out of the six options).

Agent Making Competitions

For COBs and agents submitted, all files should be packaged within
a single .cob or .agent file, zipped or rared with detail as to what functionality and/or new graphics have been included. You can submit as many entries as you like, ensuring you test them all first.