Well, that's it for this year.

Things got a bit bumpy at points, but everything worked out - thanks to all of you, we had a successful blog carnival and then were able to pack this festival with all kinds of goodies, from new breeds to interactive fiction to comics and stories and more autonamers than you could shake a carrot at and enough creatures to fill Albia three times over. I had a good time; I hope you did, too.

As for the contests, the winner of the Creepy Creature Contest is Eilfried the little ghost-norn, and while the Cute Creature Contest was quite contentious, Firebird won by a narrow margin. Thanks to everyone who voted!

If you have time this weekend, logic puzzle solution submissions are still open through 11:59:59PM EST on Monday the 19th (note that this is later than the original deadline), as are Wiki Scavenger Hunt answers. After this time, the answers to both will be posted on this site and prizes will be sent out to those who answered correctly.

Special thanks to Don, for giving the CCSF hosting again this year, and to NornBreeder, who put together the banner. And thank you (in no particular order) to everyone else who contributed something this year:

Grendel Man

We couldn't have done it without you. We hope you have had a great CCSF!

~Allekha & Doringo