Venithil wasn't just content with Grendels and Ettins and analyses of Creatures 2 stupidity - here's a couple of variations on Norns to round everything out.


C2 Kannova Venterras by Venithil

"Kannova Venterra aim to improve upon Norns that are capable of crossbreeding with other popular Norn breeds (Canny and Nova Subterra) through addition of family-related instincts, limiting of parental inbreeding, addition of anti-wallbonking instinct, and addition of a single toxin resistance. Altered Breeds further change the Norns in question by changing their breeding mechanisms, allowing for better breeding control through Norn dependency on sources of fat and general abundance of food to breed, particularly at ages below Youth.

Version 2 aimed solely to improve on Norn intelligence and instincts within a Kannova brain, sacrificing some of the crossability with Canny and Nova Subterra breeds for intelligence. Crossbreeding guide included." Version 2 requires the lifekit breed sprites (Golden Desert and Frog Norns).