Today is the last day of the CCSF. It's been a ride, hasn't it? We're going out with a bang. Here's today's first release.


Bionic Steel by Ylukyun

Another Protective Tub autonamer - only this one is a bit more pronounceable than dragon names and a bit more exciting (and harder to type) than short names.

"This alternative catalogue file for Protective Tub generates superhero/supervillain names. Like most other Protective Tub names, they are usually nonsensical and sometimes amusing."

Today's Wiki Scavenger Hunt clue:
"At 4:05 PM you shall find me every time. That is your only hint."
Now that all of the clues are out, you can email us (ccsf.2016 at yahoo dot com) with your guesses for each day's Wiki page; we'll let you know if you got them correct (if not, you can try again!). The deadline for this is 11:59:59PM EST on Monday, December 19th; after this, prizes for both the scavenger hunt and the logic puzzle will be sent out. Also, remember to vote in the creepy/cute creature contest, if you haven't already!