And today's adoptions....


The most seaworthy of cats.

CCSF Catfish Norns Highgen T-W by Mea

"A collection of high generation norns from one of my breeding experiments. The generations in the pack are random, the creatures in the collection was selected by alphabetical order. Most of these Creatures are amphibious, but a few might not be." Uses Pearl Mermaid and Neko Ettin sprites.


Venithil's Grendels

Venithil provides more Grendels for you Grendel-lovers out there - but for your C3DS worlds, this time.

"Exported files of creatures born during my test runs as well as proper playthroughs. At least one of them will lay an egg if imported without cloning. Tiger (will work with Dustdevil sprites), mixed breed, and Toxic grendels."