It's time to choose the winners of the Cute and Creepy Creature contests.

Creepy Creatures

We have two contenders in this match.


Dubby, bred by Shoy

Dubby is certainly... odd. He didn't originally look like this: I suspect his looks came about from a corrupted file somewhere. Sadly, the little darling passed away recently.


Eilfried, bred by Allekha

One of the few survivors of an ill-fated Halloween wolfling run. He drifts along with no legs.

Cute Creatures

There are two norns competing for this title as well.


Firebird, bred by Layla

I first noticed her when checking on a Wolfing Run because I believe she is immortal (a baby at 44 hours, so I can only assume so). Even more interesting was her stunning resemblance to a phoenix, hence her name. Curiously enough, when examining her genetics, I found she only has two appearance genes - One for the head (Astro0) and one for the tail (Flora). I can only assume that the other genes were deleted in a mutation and so the game defaults to the Bruin norn sprites. 


Myr/Rym, bred by Brynn

Myr is a C2 Ivrogne Canny Norn with a mutation that allows her to produce Life chemical using Amino Acids. With a well-balanced diet, she can stay a baby forever! She is 1 hour old and knows a few words. Rym is a clone of Myr using the Inseminator and has just been born.


Vote in both of these contests here - voting will remain open through 9pm EST on Saturday.