Today we have a few plant-based releases, and a few not-plant-releases.


Mary Mary Plant by Allekha

A new and slightly strange plant for your C2 gardens.

"Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells, and cockle-shells, and quite odd plants all in a row.... The Mary-Mary plant was discovered by a strange Shee who insists it popped out of a story book. They sleep at night, but during the day, they occasionally produce cockle-shells for your creatures to eat. They live a long time, but spread slowly, so they shouldn't take over the place."


C2 Cacti by KittyTikara

Despite the name, these are for C3DS - and with their nice colors and interesting features, will surely help liven up any space garden.

"Earlier this year, I was running the Akorith Norn's wolfling run in the Desert Ruin metaroom and needed some toys that fit in. So I quickly created a toy from the C2 cacti sprites. While that run was going on, I couldn't help but tweak the cacti. Eventually I ended up with three different cacti: a green toy, a purple weed, and a blue plant. All three of them have one thing in common, they have four different sprites you can choose from. Just click on them to change the sprite and shift-click them to lock that sprite into place. When the cacti is locked, you can click on it to interact with it like creatures do. The toy plays random DS noises, the weed is prickly, and the plant produces seeds when pushed enough. Those seeds turn into manky before decaying completely."


Slider Puzzles by Shoy

Did you solve the logic puzzle already? Don't like logic puzzles? Want something that has pretty pictures of Albia to look at while you solve? Shoy has put together twenty sliding puzzles for you to solve from the comfort of your own keyboard.

"I made a set of slide puzzles; there's 20 different puzzles to reflect the 20th anniversary of C1. The images in the puzzles are all taken from screenshots of C1."


The Arrival, a comic by LadyIcePaw

A very nice comic based on the official Last Shee stories.

"After his long voyage to catch up with the Shee Ark, the Lone Shee finally arrives at the planet Sphericus. But as he prepares the Capillata for docking with the Ark, things suddenly take an unexpected turn.
(This comic is a tribute to the original Docking Station story that was written by Ashley Harman and Mark Ashton. It is based on the end of the final chapter, The Banshee Grendel story.)" 

On Intelligence in Creatures 2 by Venithil - pdf version, Word document version

Another article by Venithil - this time on C2 creatures and the many genomes that promise to improve on the originals in terms of intelligence, and the problems that produce OHSS in the first place.

Today's Wiki Scavenger Hunt clue:
"Joined with me and my sweetheart, with not even death to stop us from remaining true to our love."