Here are today's exciting releases....


Little Nut Tree by Allekha

Inject a little folk song into your C1 Albia with this strange little tree.

"I had a little nut tree, and nothing would it bear, but a silver nut-meg, and a golden pear... or was it a golden nut-meg and a silver pear? Hm. This tree will provide extra food for your creatures."


Dragon Autonamer by KittyTikara

Skyrim in my Creatures? Beat still, my heart. These names may not be easy to type, but they're very, very cool.

"The Dragon Autonamer combines my two favorite game series, Creatures and the Elder Scrolls. It generates names similar to the official dragon names from Skyrim, like Paarthurnax. This autonamer generates a few different types of names, like a name with two dragon words like Odkodaav (Snow Bear) or a name with a specific middle, like Keizaallosbrit (Skyrim is Beautiful). So now your norns can have their own hard to spell dragon names!" Based on Protective Tub.

Worker Ettin Coloring Page by Doringo

Color in a cute Worker Ettin!

On Raising Toxic Breeds by Venithil - pdf version, Word version

A super-useful introduction to the variety of toxic breeds available to C3DS players, advice for their care and keeping and breeding, and suggestions for metarooms and agents to help raise them.

"A relatively long article that is meant to both ease newer players into their first Toxic Breed raising experiences and point out some options to veterans of such plays that they might've missed up until now." Comes with pictures!

Today's Wiki Scavenger Hunt clue:
"Nicknamed as the ocean teacher, along my knowledge and wisdom I fall prey to an urge to travel. I hate fighting, I'd rather run away to the safety of other norns, who admire my intelligence and memory. I've never seen such a thing as a norn from violet mountaintops, I wonder why?"

Also, submissions for the Cute & Creepy Creature Contests are still open, as are logic puzzle solutions.