Here are today's CCSF releases!


Fixed Turkey by Malkin

Do you have enough brain-friendly foods for your C1 creatures yet? Need more holiday-themed COBs? Malkin serves up another fix!

"The Fixed Turkey, inspired by Jessica's recent C1 food updates at Discover Albia, adds similar fixes to the Turkey from the Christmas Pack 1996. In addition to this, the kitchen will serve a fresh turkey when the last one is eaten."


Protective Tub Short Name List by Splincer

This Protective Tub edit will give your creatures short and easy names.

"The contents of this list are as the name implies: short. The list is the same for both the adjective and noun sections, and has 8100 unique "words". The words on the list are only one, two, or three letters long, which means the longest name this list can make is seven characters long, if you count the space between the two "words".

The downside to this list is that most of the words included aren't words. About all I can guarantee is that there aren't any bad words (at least in English) and that I (Splincer) can say the "words" out loud. The upside to this list is there won't be long names to type out if you want to tell a creature something."

The Journey by Shoy

A very interesting short story!

"It's a short story that refers to Creatures mythology surrounding the Shee's departure from Albia and the concept of the Journey (as you might have guessed from the title)." Check out the following Wiki pages for additional context: The Journey, The Ark, Shee.

Banshee Coloring Page by Doringo

Color away~

Today's Wiki Scavenger Hunt clue:
"If you consume the first mushrooms in red yellow and blue
You shall receive a surprise, and not one of joy
Amongst them you shall encounter me, one amongst a few
For I among them, intend to destroy
Your precious nornish life, so meek and astray
How unfortunate of you, for I can only be found
In such fatal fungus, so stay away
Or else you'll find yourself buried in the