CCSF Day 7 - Dawn of a New Breed

Venithil wasn't just content with Grendels and Ettins and analyses of Creatures 2 stupidity - here's a couple of variations on Norns to round everything out.


C2 Kannova Venterras by Venithil

"Kannova Venterra aim to improve upon Norns that are capable of crossbreeding with other popular Norn breeds (Canny and Nova Subterra) through addition of family-related instincts, limiting of parental inbreeding, addition of anti-wallbonking instinct, and addition of a single toxin resistance. Altered Breeds further change the Norns in question by changing their breeding mechanisms, allowing for better breeding control through Norn dependency on sources of fat and general abundance of food to breed, particularly at ages below Youth.

Version 2 aimed solely to improve on Norn intelligence and instincts within a Kannova brain, sacrificing some of the crossability with Canny and Nova Subterra breeds for intelligence. Crossbreeding guide included." Version 2 requires the lifekit breed sprites (Golden Desert and Frog Norns).

CCSF Day 7 - The Last Day Dawns....


Today is the last day of the CCSF. It's been a ride, hasn't it? We're going out with a bang. Here's today's first release.


Bionic Steel by Ylukyun

Another Protective Tub autonamer - only this one is a bit more pronounceable than dragon names and a bit more exciting (and harder to type) than short names.

"This alternative catalogue file for Protective Tub generates superhero/supervillain names. Like most other Protective Tub names, they are usually nonsensical and sometimes amusing."

Today's Wiki Scavenger Hunt clue:
"At 4:05 PM you shall find me every time. That is your only hint."
Now that all of the clues are out, you can email us (ccsf.2016 at yahoo dot com) with your guesses for each day's Wiki page; we'll let you know if you got them correct (if not, you can try again!). The deadline for this is 11:59:59PM EST on Monday, December 19th; after this, prizes for both the scavenger hunt and the logic puzzle will be sent out. Also, remember to vote in the creepy/cute creature contest, if you haven't already!

CCSF Day 6 - Creatures of the Sea and Land

And today's adoptions....


The most seaworthy of cats.

CCSF Catfish Norns Highgen T-W by Mea

"A collection of high generation norns from one of my breeding experiments. The generations in the pack are random, the creatures in the collection was selected by alphabetical order. Most of these Creatures are amphibious, but a few might not be." Uses Pearl Mermaid and Neko Ettin sprites.


Venithil's Grendels

Venithil provides more Grendels for you Grendel-lovers out there - but for your C3DS worlds, this time.

"Exported files of creatures born during my test runs as well as proper playthroughs. At least one of them will lay an egg if imported without cloning. Tiger (will work with Dustdevil sprites), mixed breed, and Toxic grendels."

CCSF Day 6 - Seas of Cute and Creepy Creatures

It's time to choose the winners of the Cute and Creepy Creature contests.

Creepy Creatures

We have two contenders in this match.


Dubby, bred by Shoy

Dubby is certainly... odd. He didn't originally look like this: I suspect his looks came about from a corrupted file somewhere. Sadly, the little darling passed away recently.


Eilfried, bred by Allekha

One of the few survivors of an ill-fated Halloween wolfling run. He drifts along with no legs.

Cute Creatures

There are two norns competing for this title as well.


Firebird, bred by Layla

I first noticed her when checking on a Wolfing Run because I believe she is immortal (a baby at 44 hours, so I can only assume so). Even more interesting was her stunning resemblance to a phoenix, hence her name. Curiously enough, when examining her genetics, I found she only has two appearance genes - One for the head (Astro0) and one for the tail (Flora). I can only assume that the other genes were deleted in a mutation and so the game defaults to the Bruin norn sprites. 


Myr/Rym, bred by Brynn

Myr is a C2 Ivrogne Canny Norn with a mutation that allows her to produce Life chemical using Amino Acids. With a well-balanced diet, she can stay a baby forever! She is 1 hour old and knows a few words. Rym is a clone of Myr using the Inseminator and has just been born.


Vote in both of these contests here - voting will remain open through 9pm EST on Saturday.

CCSF Day 6 - Stormy Seas

It's the penultimate day of the CCSF - times flies fast. Here are today's releases.


A new toy for creatures of land and sea alike.

Third Ship by Allekha

"I saw three ships... or in this case, I saw one. It's cute, though, and small. It should be able to float on water, though it might occasionally be a bit glitchy. Of course, it can serve perfectly well as a toy for your landlubbing creatures, too."


Finally, here are the improved Grendels to go with your improved Ettins.

Bonewall Grendels by Venithil

"Genetic breed based on existing Creature 2 Breeds. Aiming to improve intelligence, limit parental inbreeding, add family-related instincts, avoid wallbonking, and introduce single toxin resistance genes to populations. Uses Boney Grendel sprites."

Mysteries of The Shee interactive fiction by Nornbreeder

A fun piece of interactive fiction (a choose-your-own adventure type of story).

"An interactive story with a high level of replayability. Note that some of the endings have a bit of graphic violence."

Storm Shee Coloring Page by Splincer

I hope you guys like coloring, because here's another high-quality page for you to apply your artistic tools of choice to.

"The image is large, but it should print out fine on a normal sized sheet of paper (8.5 inch x 11 inch), if anyone wishes to do so.

The story behind this particular Shee is fairly simple:

Long ago before storms would hit coastal areas of Albia, fisherman would report seeing something large in the water. The water would distort what it actually was, and it moved quickly so no one got a really good look at it. Whatever the creature was came to be thought of as a sea and storm god due to the storms that would follow it's arrival and the fact that it lived in the water. Perhaps the creature was a Mernorn or several trying to get away from the oncoming storm, a large fish, or some other creature. Whatever it was, we now have this unnamed fellow."

Today's Wiki Scavenger Hunt Clue:
"Our home, once a bright and air-filled place, now a flooded and dark haven for our aquatic kind. The birds above us can only watch as we go about our daily lives, not daring once to fly down here, all with the exception of the one which dives."

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