CCSF Day 7 - And that's all we wrote

Well, that's it for this year.

Things got a bit bumpy at points, but everything worked out - thanks to all of you, we had a successful blog carnival and then were able to pack this festival with all kinds of goodies, from new breeds to interactive fiction to comics and stories and more autonamers than you could shake a carrot at and enough creatures to fill Albia three times over. I had a good time; I hope you did, too.

As for the contests, the winner of the Creepy Creature Contest is Eilfried the little ghost-norn, and while the Cute Creature Contest was quite contentious, Firebird won by a narrow margin. Thanks to everyone who voted!

If you have time this weekend, logic puzzle solution submissions are still open through 11:59:59PM EST on Monday the 19th (note that this is later than the original deadline), as are Wiki Scavenger Hunt answers. After this time, the answers to both will be posted on this site and prizes will be sent out to those who answered correctly.

Special thanks to Don, for giving the CCSF hosting again this year, and to NornBreeder, who put together the banner. And thank you (in no particular order) to everyone else who contributed something this year:

Grendel Man

We couldn't have done it without you. We hope you have had a great CCSF!

~Allekha & Doringo

CCSF Day 7 - Exhalations of the Dawn

Here is the last release of this year's CCSF, by myself (Allekha). One of my favorite C2 breeds is the Uriel Norns, with their beautiful dawn-colored wings. In DS, I still often favor Gargoyles and Butterfly Norns. You might notice a pattern.


These are winged norns for C1. Thanks to a quirk of partially-implemented code that nobody else seems to have exploited yet, as far as I can tell, they are not overwriting - you can still have your regular C1 Banana, White-Haired Pixie, and Horse Norns next to the winged ones. (Technical details will be forthcoming at some point for those who are interested - the short version is that the wings use the tail slot, which was not used until C2 but seems to have been fairly well implemented in C1 already.)

C1 Wingies by Allekha

"Norns with wings that flap about and fold in sometimes, based on Tarlia and Kezune's fixed genome. Fit in slot 0, 1, and 2, without overwriting original breeds. I don't recommend crossing them with norns that have body slots 3 and above, as it will look strange due to the body data not being there (yet). They should crossbreed okay with non-winged norns; however, they may not inherit all of the pose gene edits and so might not move their wings as much. Perhaps that's realistic, the crossbreed not quite inheriting everything they need." Integrates Jessica of Discover Albia's baby male norn body data fixes, with her permission.

CCSF Day 7 - Bringing in the Dawn

For those of us who celebrate it, Christmas sure is coming up fast. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, the colored lights we see so often at this time of year (where some of us live, at least) are pretty, aren't they? You can now bring them into your Creatures worlds as well.


GB Festive Lights by C1anddsaddict (sprites) and Doringo (coding)

"Some festive lights with which to decorate your world. They come in monochrome and multicolored, as well as short and long strings. You can use the Garden Box's tinting function to make them any color you want."

CCSF Day 7 - Dawning Intellect

 I think this image - and Snails's description - speak for themselves.


Holo Norn by Snails

"A hologram of a norn that had mass to it. It's function would be to lend a helping hand in norn care as well as teaching and learning, acting as a super learning computer with AI. Also, due to it's appearance norns are more likely to trust it. Usually only higher class shee could afford them, due to the fact that it was costly to keep them up and running with out something going wrong. In rare cases, holo norn's AI would get corrupted, resulting in them doing something completely wrong; from trying to teach the same word over and over again to destroying ecosystems or even killing other creatures. If a holo norn device is found it is advised that you check for any oddities before running it."

CCSF Day 7 - Dawn of a New Breed

Venithil wasn't just content with Grendels and Ettins and analyses of Creatures 2 stupidity - here's a couple of variations on Norns to round everything out.


C2 Kannova Venterras by Venithil

"Kannova Venterra aim to improve upon Norns that are capable of crossbreeding with other popular Norn breeds (Canny and Nova Subterra) through addition of family-related instincts, limiting of parental inbreeding, addition of anti-wallbonking instinct, and addition of a single toxin resistance. Altered Breeds further change the Norns in question by changing their breeding mechanisms, allowing for better breeding control through Norn dependency on sources of fat and general abundance of food to breed, particularly at ages below Youth.

Version 2 aimed solely to improve on Norn intelligence and instincts within a Kannova brain, sacrificing some of the crossability with Canny and Nova Subterra breeds for intelligence. Crossbreeding guide included." Version 2 requires the lifekit breed sprites (Golden Desert and Frog Norns).

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